Our Mission Statement


To promote the personal and academic potential of each individual student. 


To provide students with a personalized approach to help them excel.


We connect with our students like a master connects with his apprentice.

We surpass our clients' expectations. 

We take responsibility for the intellectual growth of each student.

Meet The Team

We are a team of highly-qualified educators offering quality training to students in the San Francisco Bay Area. Since 2000, our team members have been delivering academic tutoring, after school coaching, professional college counseling, career advice, and extracurricular activities. More importantly, we are committed to creating positive impact in the lives of the future leaders of our society.
We see ourselves as friends and mentors to our students. Our team will guide students, as if they were our own children, in growing wisdom and surmounting problems. We maintain student support throughout all of their years in school. Putting our heart and soul into our students' learning and growth is what created the special bond between us.
I immigrated to the US in my elementary school years. As a teenager, I worked as a tutor in the middle schools and worked as a peer counselor in UC Davis for two consecutive years. Since 1999, I have worked with thousands of parents to help their children discover their passion and find a direction which I found the experience to be very meaningful. I have also worked as management in education companies and provided help where necessary to foster positive development in the parent-child relationship. My hobbies are fishing, hiking, taking road trips, reading, drawing and hanging out with kids. I believe education is not an impossible task; if you put your heart into it, you will find the experience rewarding.
Our team is fully aware that the overall experience of the students is as vital as the results, as a result of their parent’s trust in us they entrust their children’s educational arrangement to us. This makes us ensure we only deliver quality service and make sure our students and their parents enjoy maximum satisfaction. We take huge pride in providing a supportive, safe, and engaging educational service to our students.  We love what we do, so we are ready to give our 100%!
John Ma
Founder and Executive Director
My name is Rui, a graduate of Shenyang Jianzhu University. I also have a MBA degree from Mississippi College. Teens see me as a big brother and role model because I am very patient and friendly with them. Since 2011 till date, I have been in the educational industry working with parents and kids.  Wherever I find myself, I am always ready to give my best help.​ I believe in "less is more," I simply want to make education simple and better for every student, as well as see them become successful in their future dealings. During my leisure time, I like traveling, checking out cars, swimming, and playing soccer.
Rui Yang
Center Director, San Mateo
I graduated with a degree in Economics from the University of Toronto. I have been into educational consulting for as long as I can remember. I am an expert in helping parents engage students and set them on the right track. Coming from an immigrant family, I understand perfectly both the academic and personal challenges that the immigrant families and students are going through. And I pride myself on helping them overcome the setbacks and guiding the kids to maximize their educational potentials. I have the ability to find the strengths of students and match them to the best and ideal colleges for them. Over the years, I have helped my students get admitted to top colleges such as Columbia University, Duke University, John Hopkins University, UPenn, USC and prestigious Canadian schools . I love children and education, will commit a lifetime to it. My hobbies include learning, watching comedy, dancing, cooking, and seeing new things.
Julie An
Senior Educational Consultant 
​Center Director, San Jose
Since graduating from UCLA, I've helped numerous students get into top universities in the U.S. and around the world. Born and raised in the heart of Silicon Valley, I thoroughly understand the importance for high school students to strive for excellence and attend a top university. I'm very passionate in helping students with their high school journey and bring more than 10 years of college consulting expertise in guiding middle and high school students lay a successful foundation for the future. As a strong believer of fostering student growth as opposed to prescribing formulaic approach, I want to cultivate an environment of discovery and creativity where students can enrich their lives. I've traveled the world, working with both domestic and international students from varied academic backgrounds. My students have been accepted to top universities such as Yale, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Carnegie Mellon and NYU.
Curtis Guo
Senior Educational Consultant 
My father, a teacher in China, was a huge inspiration for me. I became passionate about education and pursued it as a career. Since 2013, I have worked with hundreds of domestic and international students around the Bay Area. I would love to work closely with your students to discover their passion. I mobilize my team around your child, giving a high quality and attentive service that will help your child improve their grades, test scores, and quality of extracurricular activities. My mission is to see your child succeed not just in school, but also in life. As an extroverted and energetic lady, I love playing the guitar and travelling the world. 
Selena Li
​International Relations Manager
Our Instructors
Michael Struck
B.A. English and Communication, UC Davis
Essay Specialist/
​English Instructor

Dr. Robert Sheng
Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering,
Minor in Math, Northeastern University
Math, Science, Engineering, SAT Math Instructor, Asian Math Program Chief Editor
Dara Taeb
B.S. Microbiology, UC Davis
English and Biology Instructor
Angela Gutierrez
B.S. Materials Engineering, UC LA
​Math and Science Instructor

Virginia Richied
B.A. Education, University of Texas
Math, Biology and ESL English Instructor
Bianca Pery
B.S. Cognitive Science, UC Berkeley
English and Math Instructor
Jodi Tran
B.S. Biochemistry, UC San Diego
Biology, Chemistry, and French Instructor
Tim Wei
M.S. Material Science and Engineering, UC Berkeley
Math Instructor
Taoyang Chen
B.S. Biology, UC Berkeley
Biology, Chemistry, and Math Instructor
"A strong team can take any crazy vision and turn it into reality."
- John Carmack