Need a boost in Math? We can help!

Asian Math Program

* Conceptual-based learning: explain key concepts by presenting step-by-step solutions. 
* Laying solid foundation by strengthening mental calculation skills. 
* Teaching practical word problems based on the leading mathprograms in the world. 
* Providing lots of effective drills to work on for deep understanding of the topics and materials.

* $395/month

San Mateo Center: Tue, Thu 4PM ~ 6PM
Spring starting on Jan 16, 2018

San Jose Center: Mon, Wed 4PM ~ 6PM
Spring starting on Jan 3, 2018
​​Our Asian Math After School Program is designed for elementary and middle school students. We use the world famous Singapore Math curriculum to help your children think creatively and solve problems with a different approach while laying a solid foundation and building their confidence.   

Who needs it?
-Those who need better understanding of math concepts. 
-Those who need to improve math grades. 
-Those who need to score high on the statewide math proficiency exams.

​​Our Asian Math After School Program Chief Editor
Dr. Robert Sheng, a current math college professor and our master tutor, has served as our Chief Editor of our Asian Math curriculum. He worked with educators and professionals from Asia to incorporate the creative concepts and effective math-solving methods that supplement the American math curriculum into our after school Asian Math Program. Besides strengthening students’ math skills, Dr. Sheng’s goal is to have our students think math as a fun and fascinating journey while building a solid math foundation.

How is the class taught?

We have a set of structured curriculum that's geared toward different student's grade level. The program is year-round which pinpoints certain important math concepts for each level. We also believe practice makes perfect, so we give students many drills to perfect their math skills. in addition to the lectures 

How good are your teachers and tutors?

Our instructors are recruited based on their knowledge, experience, and skills to relate to the students. Some are current school instructors while others are currently working in the field which they are coaching. We use the standards of the teachers’ experience in subject field and their competence to broaden students’ horizon.

If it's a class, how is it different from my school class?

Most classes in schools have more than 25 students per class. With one teacher having to face so many students and cover new topics everyday in fast-paced manner, most students won't get enough attention to really comprehend the subject matter. In average we have 3 ~ 6 students per instructor who is an expert in Asian Math. Better yet, this will better prepare you for the math exams and improve your grade.

Any questions?