1. My consultant is informative, respectful and attentive, all very important qualities to have as an educator. Together, we developed goals about what I was trying to accomplish. Before each session, she prepares a plan custom tailored for my needs, so that the meeting can be most effective. After each meeting, she will follow up with both my parent and me to make sure I’m on top of everything. I would highly recommend getting a consultant here for academic planning and college applications.
    Frank T. - USC
  2. My consultant is accessible, quick and thorough. He completed my college app with me better and faster than any other place I’ve heard. He spent so much time trying to break down everything for me and was fine with explaining things more than once. Before our initial meeting he was quite accessible by email. He always explained to me in a detailed manner. I always thought going to a college consultant would put my money in the hole, but his quality service was actually affordable and worth every penny.
    Joyce L. - Columbia University
  3. Apprentice Education was highly recommended to me last year. Since I am an international student and I have no one, no family here, I really appreciate John and his team helping me with internship coordination, homestay arrangement, and college counseling. I will always turn to them for professional help, advice and support, also to hang out like families from time to time. I tremendously value and recommend John’s team who is caring, devoted and always professional in their help.
    Michael C. - UCI
  4. I heard about the Homework Helper through a friend of a friend, so I decided to give it a try for my daughter who is having a headache with her math homework. We didn’t have to commit to the first session, so I figured why not. She's very picky about things but I figured it couldn't hurt. In a couple months she improved from a B- to an A- and her confidence is through the roof. It’s worth it!
    Jackie C. (Parent)
  5. These educators are wonderful mentors and I have been so impressed with the quality of their service and encouragement. I absolutely recommend them. I am so glad I did this.
    Zach C.
  6. This educational team is by far the best you could ask for. I came to them without any real knowledge of the college stuff. The consultants have taken me from nothing to understanding the ins and outs of what colleges are all about. Best yet, now I know what’s the best option for me. Thanks.
    Tina W. - UCSD
W. Y. – GPA 3.60, SAT 1350 – UC Davis
A. L. – GPA 3.90, SAT 1570 – UC Berkeley
C. W. – GPA 3.90, SAT 1580 – Yale University
A.C. – GPA 3.70, SAT 1460 – USC
S. C. – GPA 3.70, SAT 1460 – UCLA
J. M – GPA 3.75, SAT 1340 – UC Irvine


J.Z. – GPA 3.65, SAT 1890 – Pepperdine University
R.S. – GPA 3.85, SAT 2000 – Emory University
R.C. – GPA 3.20, SAT 1650 – Syracuse University
L.Z. – GPA 3.85, SAT 2150 – Harvard University
M.Z. – GPA 4.0, SAT 2250 – MIT
N.Z. – GPA 3.75, SAT 2000 – NYU
S.W. – GPA 3.80, SAT 1850 – UC Irvine
B.W. – GPA 3.70, SAT 2100 – Carnegie Mellon University
C.L. – GPA 4.0, SAT 2150 – Brown University