Apprentice Education
Summer Camps

By John Ma

How are our camps different?

“Experience is the best teacher.” - founder of Apprentice Education, John Ma.

When away from parents, children become more independent while, at the same time, gaining team spirit. There are many great benefits to having children be part of a quality summer camp. In addition to the benefits found at every camp, Mr. Ma wants his children to have the following takeaways:

* Developing an appreciative heart (starting with appreciating their parents)

* Gaining confidence by coping with setbacks

* Focusing on being a positive influence in the world

* Experiences that will be remembered for a lifetime

* Experiencing a unique, quality camp

Since 2011, Mr. Ma has personally taken both domestic and international students to different parts of California for summer and winter camps, places where most competitors or tourists won’t go. As the word spread, more and more parents suggested that Mr. Ma take kids outside the state of California in search of more interesting activities. Not only are these extracurricular activities highly valued by prestigious programs and top-tier colleges, but they also impact students in a positive manner by helping them build character and make lifelong friends.

In 2017, upon hearing about growing Islamophobia through the media, Mr. Ma, as a descendant of the Islamic family of the great 15th century Chinese navigator, Ma He (better known as Zheng He 郑和), began exploring the “inner culture” of the Islamic world – truth beyond the media - by engaging with Muslims and visiting charity organizations in Central Asia. After spending time in the Muslim community and studying about the ancient Silk Road that connected the East and West before the age of Columbus, Mr. Ma was inspired by its symbolism of cultural exchange. Because of this inspiration he named his next summer camp, “Silk Road Summer Camp,” a name he couldn’t wait to share with his students while unveiling the beauty of diversity. This is where Apprentice Education, with Mr. Ma’s extensive experience in hosting quality summer camps, started its new chapter of inspiration – two passions coming together as one to provide a state-of-the-art program package.

Our Camps have come a long way...

2011 - touring Apple HQ

2011 - experiencing wine-making

2012 - studying marine animals

2012 - observing wild elephant seals

2013 - observing wild life at the National Seashore

2013 - visiting Angel Island Immigration Station

2014 - researching at Seymour Marine Discovery Center

2014 - nature ride on the steam train

2014 - enjoying family time together

2015 - hiking on mountain trails

2015 - cruising on the steamboat on Sacramento River

2015 - volunteering in City Hall

2015 - whalewatching

2016 - crabbing

2016 - visiting Hearst Castle

2016 - celebrating the 4th of July

2016 - participating in talent shows

2017 - travelling to Universal Studio

2017 - exploring USS Hornet

2017 - camping near the historic Fort Ross

2017 - working in the watermelon farm

2018 - travelling through time - ancient Silk Road in Turpan Depression

2018 - galloping on the steppe in Central Asia

2018 - volunteering in the orphanage at Urumqi

To be continued...