Educational and Cultural Exchange Mission
North American teens <---> Central Asian children

​Date: 7/27 ~ 8/9/19

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Silk Road Summer Camp

We offer one-of-a-kind 2-week summer camp at Urumqi (China) where our 7th ~ 12th grade students will enjoy the timeless experience in helping the local children and appreciate the ethnic and cultural diversity.
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English/Chinese subtitle available

​Program Features:

* Unforgettable first-hand cultural exchange with the local people in the capitol city of Urumqi and from Islamic daily life at the steppe and the desert.

* Coordinate orphanage/charity organization operation efforts with the staff.

* Interact and mentor the local children of different ethnicities (Uyghur, Kazakh, Tajiks, Hui, etc.) through student-led projects such as language arts, sports, music.

* Accompanied by highly experienced educators.

* 24 hour supervised environment.

* Exotic food and secure lodging.

* Reliable local network.

* Uniforms and other gifts are included.

* Supervised dorms/hotels in clean conditions (with wifi).

​* Very low student-adult team leader ratio.

​* Travel insurance covered.

* Full day training before departure.

* AWESOME extracurricular activity with volunteer hours; a certificate will be given upon completion.

The lodging and safety

The food

The culture

The children

The history

The experience

The recognition

The touching moments - time to say goodbye

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