Need to up your grades and test scores FAST? We can help!

1-on-1 Tutoring Program

* Highly qualified instructor

* One-on-one attention

* Specialized in the subject matter

* Customized curriculum

* Flexible scheduling

* Most effective and efficient!

Subjects We Cover:
SAT             Biology                   Math
ACT            Chemistry               AP Subjects
English        History                   Languages
For students who want a customized curriculum for tackling certain subjects or assignments such as specific projects, laying the foundation for a course, or preparing for SAT/ACT tests, students can have an instructor help them one-on-one. Giving students individualized attention is one of the most effective ways to help students improve their academics within the shortest period of time. If for any reason you are not satisfied after the first session, then it's free. We stand behind our service, making an effort to provide a productive study environment just right for our students.  

Group Tutoring

We offer two types of group tutoring: structured and customized curriculum.

Tutoring using a structured curriculum usually takes place after school or during vacations and includes specialties such as Asian Math, Language Arts, and ESL. Customized tutoring is taught based on students’ academic levels  to achieve specific goals; the scheduling is more flexible. This requires pre-planning with the Center Director.
The number of students in Group Tutoring ranges from 3 to 6. Contact us for more details.

Asian Math Program

Some of your tutors have Ph.D. degree while others only graduated from college, why?

We are result-oriented so we do not judge our tutors by their degrees. For example, some of our tutors are credentialed teachers despite their college degrees while some others graduated from top universities. We care about two things: their teaching experience and your learning results

How do I know if the tutoring is going to work for me?

Given the indivdualized attention that our highly skilled tutors have to offer, tutoring has proven to be one of the most effective ways to help our students improve their grades. If for any reason you are not happy after the first session, it's FREE!


How good are your teachers and tutors?

Our instructors are recruited based on their passion, experience, and skills to relate to the students. Some are current school instructors while others are currently working in the field which they are coaching. We use the standards of the teachers’ experience in subject field and their competence to broaden students’ horizon.

Any questions?